I May Not Be Promised Tomorrow, But I Guarantee I Can Serve Jesus Today

The Gift

As I was getting ready for the Christmas season it was appropriate to study the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. As a child growing up I had heard the Christmas story a million times. Even most of the Christmas music tells of this story that the non-believer at least knows of it. But to actually dig into the scripture and take in the story as it has been written is something totally different. The words started jumping out at me and had me enthralled in how my God came to this earth and became a man.

The main thing that stands out to me the most is how God through his prophets and Angels tell of His coming as a child. Isaiah 7:14 tells us even many year before the birth that we shall call Him Immanuel meaning “God with us”. This name got me thinking and excited. This name stating that God himself is finally here with us! I started thinking that this name Immanuel can be said even today. Immanuel God with us, isn’t he still with us? I know he is in my heart as I have received him in my life. So God is with me! We get all excited on Christmas and rightfully so but He is still with us on December 26th and beyond. We should be excited and say everyday, every morning Immanuel God with us.

Maybe you are in a dark moment in life, maybe hurt by a friend or love one. Maybe you are in a financial crisis or even lost someone really close to you. You are hurt and lost with no answers looking for God to help you. You cry out prayers asking for help. Trust me He hears you and wants to comfort you. But I know in my heart in these times I wonder if I really grasp the concept that He is with me right now yet I pray as if He is far away and knows nothing of my pain and heartache. But what if we truly grasped Immanuel?! Understood He is with us even now. Psalm 23:4 tells us He is with us through the worst times. Isaiah 43:1-2 states that we are his and again is with us through the epic disasters of our life.

Next time you are in a rough spot and looking for help know that He is already there and is waiting on you to understand that the best Christmas gift is already open and in your life. Immanuel God is with us.


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