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Crisis Activated

This past Sunday I had the blessed opportunity to speak with STORYCHURCH. We talked about the issue of crisis in our lives and how we are to overcome these crisis’. We talked through Mark 4:35-41 with the story of Jesus and his disciples being overcome by a storm while traveling in a boat. We looked at the storm in this story as likening to crisis in our lives. The definition of crisis is “A crucial stage or turning point in the course of something”. In this case, a turning point in our lives as we know it. Crisis can come at any time just like the storm. Jesus tells us in verse 35 that our destination is set. He said to the disciples that they would make it to their destination. He had done the same thing for us that know him. But what do we do when a crisis strikes our lives? What is the answer? Better yet, who is the answer? We established that Jesus is the answer to our crisis. To hear this message go to http://www.storychurch.org/category/media/

What would you say if I told you that crisis can be a good thing? Maybe even the best thing that can happen to you. Maybe what seems to be a devastating life changing crisis in our lives is actually the thing that saves us. That a crisis can be the catalyst that sets you on the perfect path that God has for you.

It is easy to get comfortable in life and be content when things are going well. We feel comfortable in how we live our lives. We do nothing to challenge us to be better than we are. We have no reason to grow or be better than we are now. Life has become too easy. Life is passing us by and we do not have anything to show for it. Cruise control is set, but are we really going anywhere?

One of my best friends always tells me he lives by the line in the legendary song by Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway to Heaven’. It goes like this, “Yes, there are 2 paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on”. I started thinking about this and he is right in a way. We can live the path that we have set for our lives or we can live the perfect path that God has set for us. I know that changing our path is not that easy. Once we get so comfortable that we do not even see that we are really just walking in circles going nowhere. Living life hoping for the next thrill.  But God has a better plan for us. A plan for us to live for him and make this world a better place; to have meaning and purpose; for our families to thrive and prosper through God; to leave this world a better place than when we got here.

Maybe we need a crisis to change the path in our lives; to give us the kick in the butt we need. We need to have crisis activated in our life to throw us into the perfect path and plan that God has for us. He leaves it up to us. This is the free will he has gifted us with. But He still loves us enough to bring a crisis in our lives to set us free from our boring going nowhere road in life. We are meant for much greater things than our imagination can bring. The perfect example of this is Jesus. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life”. God knew the world needed a crisis to create a new path direct to Him.  Now Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to father but through him John 14:5-7 tells us. He made that path through His son Jesus. He came to earth as one of us to make a path choice available to us. Crisis was activated to save us from sin, destruction and ultimately death. It was replaced with love, hope, and peace through Jesus.

We cannot be afraid to create crisis in our lives. We should be willing to stick our necks out and give God a chance to use us to change lives. Matthew 14:22-32 is the story of Jesus walking on the water. In this story Jesus lets the disciples go ahead of him in a boat. Jesus decides to go to them but only in a cool  Jesus way. Jesus decides to just walk on the water to get to them. They see him coming and are afraid when Jesus tells them to not be afraid. Peter gets really excited (I love Peter).  Peter asks “Lord is it you?” Peter then says “Tell me to come to you on the water” Jesus replied “Come”. Now here we have Peter all safe in a boat and he tells Jesus he wants to come to him. Crazy huh?

All Peter knew is he wanted to be with his lord and master, and to do so he needed to enter into a crisis. I really do not think Peter had been practicing walking on water. So I am sure he did not know he could do it without Jesus. But he needed to change his path and that path change needed to go towards Jesus.  Peter just needed to make that first step. He wanted to be with Jesus so bad that even the impossible had to happen to get to him. So as you guessed it, Peter stepped out of the safety and comfort of the boat to walk into the unknown. But all Peter could see was his Lord. His eyes and faith had a direction in mind, and with total faith, changed his path. Peter decided to have crisis activated in his life.  Peter steps out of the boat and starts to walk on the water toward Jesus. But just like we all do when we notice that we just jumped into crisis, he freaked out and took his eyes off Jesus. He then found himself sinking below the waters surface. Peter stretched out his hand to his God and king. Jesus grabs his hand and brings him back up into the path he had for Peter. Then Peter and Jesus were on the same path once again. This would not have happened if he had stayed in the safety of the boat. All it took was one step. One bold step toward his God to do the impossible.

Do we need to step out of our path in life and look toward Jesus? We will never know until we take that first step out of the boat. We can  create crisis as long as we know that Jesus is the answer to that crisis. We need to have faith that when we get into trouble with the wind and water, that we just need to stretch out our hand to Jesus.  Keep our eyes focused on His path and get out of the boring mundane life that we feel captured in. Step out of that boat and walk on water. I dare you to live a crisis activated life and follow the path to Jesus. You cannot sink if He is in your life. All it takes is the first step to a path toward Jesus where he can change your life forever. Are you willing to take that step?

“Still time to change the road you’re on”!


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