I May Not Be Promised Tomorrow, But I Guarantee I Can Serve Jesus Today

Dream Team Super Star

I am always thinking of different ways for our amazing stars of our Dream Team at STORYCHURCH to be recognized and honored. We recently had our quarterly Dream Team Celebration. Jillien our outstanding Event Coordinator out did herself again this time. She and her amazing team went with a “March Madness” theme complete with basketball drills. To clarify our Dream Team is the group of people that serve and does ministry at STORYCHURCH. Everything from our Welcome team, Worship team, Media team, Web design team, Hospitality/Food Services team, Connection group leaders, Story Kids, Set-up team, Money count team, Ministry team or any service at STORYCHURCH is considered our Dream Team. By having this Dream Team Celebration we are able to honor and reward our dedicated teams for basically making STORYCHURCH happen. Without these people we could not make a difference in our city for Jesus. Because of them we have had multiple people either find Jesus for the first time or find him again in there lives over the last 2+ years.

I want to every month highlight one of our stars. Lets say this person is a star of stars in a way. For the month of April the shining moment goes to  Lee Whitbeck.

Lee serves on the Welcome team, Money count team, Story Kids, Web design team, and basically wherever we need him. Actually that is Lees favorite quote to me “Wherever you need me, man”. Lee has served many times in these areas with out even being scheduled or asked to help. He takes it on himself for his love for his church to help others. He sacrifices time and energy to help our church grow to new levels in our community.

Lee is the perfect example of a man showing love through servant hood. Lee loves people and most of all his God. His willingness to go above and beyond is not to improve his own stature but to help others grow in there relationship with Jesus. Because of Lee people who have been far from God are now living a richer more fulfilling life.

Lee’s story is amazing in itself on how God took a young man not believing in Him at all to a person that changes lives everyday. Lee and his amazing family are a true blessing to all of us that are blessed to have him in our lives.  Check out Lee’s story at http://sharemystory.wordpress.com/

So if you see Lee greeting at the door when you walk into STORYCHURCH or are blessed to have him teaching your children. Give him a hand shake, high five, fist bump, or just a good ole hug to say thank you.

Thank you Lee for all you do, you are truly an inspiration and an amazing man of God.


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