I May Not Be Promised Tomorrow, But I Guarantee I Can Serve Jesus Today

Dream Team Superstar (June)

In the great city of Durham NC there is an amazing community of people who love and care for each other. These people are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone has what they need.  This community is called STORYCHURCH. At STORYCHURCH we want people to “Embrace the story they were meant to live”.

Along the way, while embracing your story, you may need a little help now and again. You may need someone or a group to get you where you are trying to go. This may include prayer in times of trouble or celebrating with you in life’s biggest moments. Either way you need a person or a group to help you through life’s journey.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing a group of people who are apart of our community at STORYCHURCH stand with their fellow man. They also serve on a weekly basis and sacrifice their time to make sure that everyone they care about is taken care of. I call them our Dream Team.

Our Dream Team members believe that the gospel was not meant to witnessed but actually lived. Dream Team members at STORYCHURCH serve with a passion for their community. They step up every week serving in several areas such as Welcome Team, Worship Team, Kids Ministry, Food Service/ Hospitality Team, Set-Up Team, Pick Up Team, Audio and Visual Team, Website Team, Mission Team, Ministry Team, Giving Team, Creative Team, Teaching Team, Event Team and Connection Group Leaders. Because of these amazing volunteers using their God-given talents, we are able help our community grow. We have seen so many people find Jesus for the first time and come back to God when their past has hurt them. We have seen marriages restored and hope given when there was none. This is because of the amazing Dream Team members and their team leaders.

Every once in a while you run into a person that has talents that are unique. These unique talents I have come to depend upon and because this person is so unique and special they are valuable beyond measure. Here is one of those people.

I want everyone to meet Michael Whitlow. Mike has those intangible gifts that really make our community special. Mike starts off every Sunday morning pulling all our equipment in a trailer behind his truck. He drives over 30 minutes each way every Sunday faithfully. Mike makes sure we have everything we need to create a church out of a school gym. Mike also likes to fix and create several of our invaluable equipment that gives us the tools to make our Sunday mornings a success. He even created a special metal rack we desperately needed for our kids ministry to store room dividers. You will not find this rack in any store or website. It is a Mike original. Mike has given me encouragement and support in my personal growth as he has for others.He has shown to be a great example to young fathers, of a man willing to provide and raise up his children for God. Mike has even served on our worship team and kids ministry. He is a wonderful father to 2 wonderful kids that are the future for our community and loving husband. We are a better world because of guys like Michael Whitlow. We have and will learn a lot from Mike. If you have ever been to STORYCHURCH and your life is better from this community, please thank Mike for what he does. If not for him there would not be a community to help you.

Please check out last months Dream Team Superstar Heather Cron


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