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James Review Part 3

At STORYCHURCH in Durham NC we are going through the book of James. We decided it would be a summer long series dedicated to James’s point of view. James’s writings have been life changing and increased how we see each other and God. For me personally it has been eye-opening experience and has strengthened my walk with God.  You can check out review 1  and review 2 here.

If you get a chance please check out the full podcast by clicking here. I promise your life will be better for it.

Week 6 By Jeremy Copeland

Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness. This week we walk through James 3:13-18. Have you ever been in the middle of an argument and played the role of peacemaker? Its sometimes so hard to play this role and you wonder why you are doing it at all. Especially if you are angry. Its usually not a fun job. James expects us to be this peacemaker. But their are 2 kinds of wisdom he talks about.

1. Selfish Wisdom- Being vocal about yourself and boast of your awesomeness. Thinking about yourself rather then others. That being a peacemaker benefits you more then the other person. Let me ask you this. What kind of fruit comes from this way of thinking? This kind of wisdom usually results in a separation of people and lost relationships.

2. Heavenly Wisdom- This wisdom brings actual peace. Thinking about the other persons needs and ideals brings openness to conversation. This wisdom can restore and ultimately build up relationships. We have to think its not about me, its about others. Wisdom like this brings people together. If you plant a seed of peace you will harvest righteousness.

Week 7 By Jeremy Copeland

“He give us more grace” James 4

In James chapter 4, he refers to our relationship with God as a like a marriage. Imagine a man being asked, prior to his wedding, what are you most looking forward in your marriage? What if he answered “I am looking forward to the multiple women I get to sleep with”. That is crazy right!? Defeats the purpose of marriage of being with just one person. Dedicating your life to one person.

James 4:1-2 he talks about quarrels happening. They see someone having something they want but do not have themselves. So they fight and steal to get what they want. Selfish acts towards others. James says these people do not have what they want because they never even asked God for it. And even those that do ask God for something, they do not ask with the right motives.

I know I pray sometimes, maybe a lot of time, that God to fulfill “My plans” and not His plans. We like to tell God what the plan should be. We tell Him how and when theses plans should happen. So us who are the created beings telling the creator what to do. Sounds crazy right?

God is jealous to be apart of our lives and His plans are whats best for us. We often, by doing our own plans, cheat of God like a marriage. We say that Gods way is good but mine is better and that hurts Him. God wants a relationship with you not you with other ideas. We care about other things in our lives instead of making God the purpose and everything falls from their. By making our own plans we make idols in our lives.

How can we save this relationship with God. The answer is we cant. But God can and he does by His abundant grace. God grace is more then enough. Its everything that saves this ever eternal relationship with God that we have. Its like the story of the prodigal son. Jesus tells this wonderful story of a boy goes off to live in the world on his own, leaving his loving father. The boy waists all his inheritance on worthless stuff. And when he has no more, the only place he can turn is to the father. What does the father do? Does he say to his son, you had your chance. Now go away from me and you are not my son no more. But no the father sees the son walking toward him in the distance. The father runs with open arms to the boy. He is welcomed in with celebration and love. This is the grace God has for us. This is the grace that God has for me. This is the grace that God has for you.

There is only one more review left in this series. I honestly hope you have enjoyed and most of all benefited from this series review. 

Again you can catch the rest of the series on the podcast or read the previous reviews 1 and 2

If you are in the Durham NC area and a looking for a community of people that likes to show you love and hope. Please come visit us at STORYCHURCH. We would love to talk with you and help you in anyway.

If you would like prayer for anything, please comment below.

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