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Dream Team Superstar (August)

Summer time is winding down and its back to school. It’s the time of the year, for most of us, to get back to reality. Back to the daily grind of life. All vacation time is used up and getting ready for the last quarter of the year. We spend more time together as families. We start to create daily routines.

It’s also a time to focus on the area that you call home. Summer time we travel and see the world. In the Fall we tend to stay at home and focus on our families. It’s also a time for people to seek out church communities. In my experience people find churches for a multiple of reasons. Some are looking for a good moral people for their children to grow up with. Some need a community to help them grow in their personal walk with God. Others are looking for hope, love, and peace in their lives where there is none.

In the heart of North Carolina, an area known as the “Triangle”. There is a community of people giving of themselves to benefit hurting and desperate people. In Durham NC there is a loving growing church community named STORYCHURCH. This is a place I found that has helped me find peace and hope in my life that I thought did not exist. That hope is Jesus!

To make sure that a church community is run properly and able to give its best for people who need hope. We have an amazing group of people who sacrifice themselves routinely for the betterment of others. We call this team of people Dream Team. For those of you as old as I am remember the American Olympic basketball team from 1992. They were named Dream Team. They were called this since it was the first time professional athletes were able to play in the Olympics. These players were the best of the best. No one could beat them. They were a group of people, banded together excelling at their God-given talents.

We see our volunteers the same way, as a team of people excelling at their God-given talents. The STORYCHURCH Dream Team is the best of the best. This group of talented people give it all they have to make sure people who visit our community feel love, hope and peace.

Every month I like to honor some of these Dream Teamers that rise to the top. Everyone of the Dream Team is excellent but sometimes there are some that we just need to say a big thank you to. This month I like to honor not just one person but a couple.

I would like thank Shawn and Annie Hirsch. This amazing couple has shown week in and week out their dedication to helping others. Especially our Kids Ministry. Although Shawn and Annie have yet to have their own children, they have dedicated themselves to the growth of our children at STORYCHURCH.

They are some of our most dependable and giving people I know. There has been times where we was short in help and at last-minute one or both of them step up. They come and volunteer their time to help us out. They do this without complaint and are so willing to love others.

For our wonderful Kids Ministry workers sacrifice so much. Not just watching and teaching others children. But this also means they do not get to totally experience the main service. Yet these two plus many others do this so that they can help mold the children of our future. They can teach them to love one another just as Jesus told us to. They do this so our future will have strong Men and Women that can in turn teach love, peace, and hope to others as well. There is no way that I can say thank you enough to Shawn and Annie for continually giving of themselves so our future can be bright.

If you are looking for a loving church community that has a message of hope. Please visit us at STORYCHURCH.

Also check out last months Superstar Jordan Sanger

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