I May Not Be Promised Tomorrow, But I Guarantee I Can Serve Jesus Today


Time is the most limited natural resource we have. We can not create more time just as we  can not decrease time. There are 24 hours in a day no more no less. We all have a day we were born and eventually a day we will die. This side of eternity, the time we have will be all we get. Time is limited.

With such a limited resource, what do we do with most of our time? For  most of us it’s either school, career, and or family. Maybe all of these activities. With just these specific activities time can be used up very fast not leaving more time for anything else.


At the beginning of this year I made myself a list of goals to be completed to better my life. I will say I have done pretty well with most of these goals. The most important of these goals was to spend more time with God on a daily basis. My plan was to make sure I got up 1.5 hours before I normally has done. During this time I was to spend time in prayer and study. This was to be me and Gods time together. Now there have been many times, during the day I would be able to pray and study some more. But this early morning time was just for God. I found myself becoming a better person, Fiancee, church leader. But most of all I was getting closer to God in a way I have never known. It was well worth the sacrifice of my time.


For the first 6 months of this year I did very well with this goal. I will not lie, it was not easy to do at first. After some time though I noticed myself hitting the ever-loving “Snooze” button on the alarm clock. Just saying to my self 5 more minutes. That 5 more minutes became 15 more minutes. That 15 minutes became 30 minutes and so on. I start to tell myself I can pray while getting ready for work. And can study while eating breakfast. Which is better than nothing right?


I thought to myself I was a great multitasker. I was telling myself I was getting more sleep and still spending time with God. That is good right? But I soon started to realize that I was not as happy. Certain circumstances  came up in my life and instead of turning to God for help, I let them get to me. I was feeling run down like I lost something. I kept thinking to myself I was doing everything I could to be a good follower of Jesus. What was I missing? Where was that feeling of closeness to God I had?


I have been looking at my time with God as a sacrifice of my time. That is like someone telling an artist they painted the wrong color from their own imagination. The time I thought was mine is actually Gods. I have been looking at myself as a time manager. Created my own time budget if you will. But in fact I am a servant of God and the time I live in is His. This was my answer and I returned to the dedicated time with God. The time spent in my life is now an endless recourse because the creator of time itself owns it. Just like the artist can paint any color, God can create more time for me to learn and grow in Him. I feel strong again and ready to take on what life has to throw at me. I have direction and peace that can only come from God. The time spent with God is truly priceless.


 Jesus had taken the time to come to this Earth as a man. He sacrificed himself on a cross and died for me. He did this so I can live for eternity with Him. He did this from love for me. Now when I feel like hitting the “Snooze” button. I know that Jesus boldly died for me in public, how can I not spend time with Him in private. My time is not my time. Its Gods time and I need to spend Gods time more wisely. He deserves it. I can not split time with God anymore so I can be better and help others, as He has called me to do.

If I may challenge you? Look at your time spent each day. What is important and Gods responsibility for you? Is their some things in your life that get in the way from time with God? If there is, take the time to put these things into perspective. How are you spending Gods time?


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