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Dream Team Superstar (September)

September is the kick off to what I look at is the exclamation point of the year. January through March are setting the pace and goals for the year. Spring is where we usually are hitting our stride. Summer comes along and gives us a bit of a break.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The weather is comfortable and my favorite sports get going. I love my Pittsburgh Steelers and always have high hopes for them in September. They have won more Superbowls (6) then anyone else. With a history of winning, the expectations are always high every year.

Expectations are important to experiencing success. I believe if we do not put healthy expectations on ourselves we are unable to set proper goals for our personal growth.

At STORYCHURCH we have an amazing group of people who exceed the expectations of showing love and acceptance to those who need it most. We call these people the Dream Team. The people that sacrifice their time and bodies to make sure that STORYCHURCH is able to bring the hope of Jesus to people that are in need. They are all superstars to me.

This month we had a big celebration for these Dream Team members at a local park here in North Carolina. We played an intense game of kick-ball. Also had a clown for children. The non creepy kind of clown by the way. Kids were running around with amazing face paint. Theyhad balloons shaped into wings on with huge smiles on their faces. Needless to say it was a real fun time together.

At each celebration, which we like to do every few months. We like acknowledge certain people that have stepped up with serving in ministry for our church community. One of the awards we actually gave a special name for, we call it the Rockstar award.

The person we thought was the star of stars for the last few months was Stephen White. When it comes to expectations Stephen exceeds them all. Stephen is our Set-Up team leader. At STORYCHURCH we set up all of our equipment and supplies. This is done each week  bright and early Sunday mornings in a school auditorium. We have a wonderful dedicated team that does this for us each week. Stephen shows a passion for his church and the team he leads each and every week. He shows up even when he is not scheduled to be there. He pays attention the smallest details making sure everything looks perfect as possible. Stephen will make sure there are no creases in the curtains and washes the schools windows. When a person arrives after the service has already started, Stephen will make sure they have a seat. Stephen does not just exceed expectations he creates new expectations. He is a true leader in this area and I am blessed to be able to serve with him week in and week out.

If you are ever able to visit us at STORYCHURCH in Durham NC and notice how awesome everything looks. Say thank you to Stephen and his team for all their hard work.


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