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“That’s What She Said”

the-officeI just finished watching the series finale of “The Office”. This has been a fun show for me over the years to watch. I have enjoyed the sometime ridiculous humor, pranks, office shenanigans, performances, and character development. It took me a couple of seasons before I caught onto this show. I remember the first episode I watched “Fun Run”. Michael Scott had the office run for rabies awareness. I was hooked at the laugh out loud humor.

During the series finale the writers had several very profound statements from the characters. It seemed as they were trying to sum up how we all were feeling. While saying goodbye to a good friend.

One of the lines Andy Bernard portrayed by actor Ed Helms said peaked some interest in me. He said “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ole days before you’ve actually left them”.

I am all for improving and moving forward in life. I do not know how to not to try to improve on myself and be a better person. But living an always moving forward thinking about the next big thing life, do we sometimes fail to appreciate what life has for us now?

We look into our history to learn from our success’ and failure’s. We use the now to learn and prepare for the future. We see the future as a place we are going and set goals to formΒ that future. Maybe within this process we can fall into a trap of not appreciating people around us each day.

It may be the quirky guy that sits across from our desk, the neighbor that waves at us everyday when we return from work, or the customer that always looks like they are having a bad day. These are the people we live life with everyday. They may drive us crazy at times. But these are the people who make the now possible. They put us in the positions for us to grow, laugh, even love.

When our story is over and the credits of our lives are rolling. It’s all the people listed in those credits that made our story worth living.

In the busyness of life its OK to appreciate the moments and the people that make them happen. Maybe stop and smell the roses sometimes……


The Office by NBC


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