I May Not Be Promised Tomorrow, But I Guarantee I Can Serve Jesus Today


Ever said to yourself that you want to do something meaningful in life? Maybe you want to make a difference in the world. History is filled with stories of people who made a difference and defeated the odds.

What if I told you, if you are a Christian, then you have the ability to change the world today. That’sΒ right today you can change the world. It all starts with and invitation.

As a Christian I know that all the hope and love comes from Jesus. He has set me free from my past and has given me a purpose. Life as a follower of Jesus is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. The funny thing though is I almost missed this amazing life. If someone did not invite me to hear of the hope in Jesus I would be lost. I would have been still hurting, looking for purpose, wandering through life looking for simple pleasures (To read my story click HERE).

I know there are people just like me out there. They live in your homes, they live on your street, they are in your workplace. They need an invitation! When a person finds hope in Jesus their lives are changed forever.

Jesus has put His church on this earth to be a light of hope for lost people. We just need to point people the right way.

Here are 6 things to consider while thinking about inviting people.Β 

  1. Praying for people to come to church is awesome. But inviting them plus praying for them makes things happen. Prayer and Inviting is an amazing combination.Β 
  2. It might feel awkward to talk to people about God or church. It’s also awkward to watch someone struggling in life and needing hope. Knowing the whole time we have the answer. Seeing someone find hope is worth all the awkwardness in the world. It will not be awkward in heaven together.Β 
  3. Don’t feel like you have to be a theological expert. What you do know is, what Jesus has done in our your life. Start with what He has done for you first. Any questions the person has you can find the answer together.Β 
  4. Be excited about your church. If people see you are excited then they will feel the excitement. If you sound boring then they will think its boring. If you look like you are inviting out of obligation they will feel the same way. Be excited they will be excited, pretty simple.Β 
  5. Do not assume they do not want to come to church with you. They maybe looking for answers to life but not know where to look.Β 
  6. Persistence breaks down resistance. They may say no one or 10 times, but never give up. Couple things will happen. They will see you are serious about how good it will be for them. Also when life hits them hard and they are looking for answers ,they will know who to turn too. All that persistence will pay off.

Its time for you to change the world, one person at a time. Invite someone today to know Jesus. They need the hope only He can give.

Easter is coming up and its the perfect time to invite. People on this day are thinking about God, church and the easter bunny. You can give them 2 of those things by inviting them to your church. They are more willing to come to church on this day then the rest of the year. An invitation to an Easter service can transform their life forever. Check out this story of my friend Laurissa to see first hand how an invitation can transform a life.



If you are in the Durham NC area then I invite you my Church. Go to http://www.storychurch.org to see details. See you on Sunday!


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