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Summer 2014 Connection Groups

Connection-Groups-square-244x244I tell you what, I am super excited about this semesters Connection Groups at STORYCHURCH! We have 13 unique fun groups that you have to check out. We have something for anybody and everyone.


Connection group are STORYCHURCH’s way of fostering community and fellowship within our congregation. We believe the best way for people to embrace the story they were meant to live is for them to interact with others in our community. Also a great way to invite your friends and family to experience STORYCHURCH, that otherwise would not attend a Sunday morning experience. 

Without further ado, here is a list of the Summer Connection Groups from STORYCHURCH.

14070567024_74d77fd090_zGrowth Study Groups:

StoryWomen: Sheila Maybin is sharing her home to study different women of the bible and learn from them. Great for women to connect and grow.

  • Love and Respect: Book written by Dr.Emerson Eggrichs has great insight for relationships with men and women. Each meeting Melissa James will lead women through this book. Any women married or looking to get married will benefit from this amazing group. 
  • Parables: What did Jesus say?: Jesus was the best teacher ever. He often taught through Parables aka stories. Stephen James and myself will have open discussions on what each parable means and how we can apply its meaning. Everyone is welcome.

Service Groups:

  • World Relief Durham: This organization works with refugees to bring restoration of hope and renewal of opportunities to their lives. This group will partner with World Relief Durham to help a specific refugee connect to their new home here in Durham. Click WORLD RELIEF to go to the website.

100_1234Social Groups:

  • Movies on the Lawn: Stephanie Lybarger and Laurissa Sigmund would love for you to join them for a fun family night at the movies. Southern Village in Chapel Hill offers a fun movie on the lawn Fridays and Saturday nights. Great fun for the whole family.
  • Story Pedalers: Tracie Miller loves to cycle and she wants anyone with a road bike to join her. If you enjoy a good exercise and great scenery get your bike and ride.
  • StoryStudents: Calling all teens!! This group has been meeting for several months now.  Our Pastors Jeremy and Kimi are inviting teens from the 6th to 12th grade to come learn and have fun. Warning: High levels of fun are expected.
  • Family Fun Pick’n n Grill’n: You asked for it! Its back and better than ever. Chris and Tammy Norville along with Darrell Queen, he handles the pick’n part, wants you to bring your whole family. There will be amazing food and the best live music in Durham. So if you like to eat and know how to play an instrument this is a must attend group. If you don’t believe me ask around.
  • Pinterest Mania: Ok you have pinned it and even have thought about it. Now you can actually do it. Cylie Greene and Danielle Philbrook want to get those creative ideas and put them into action. Calling all creative ladies, this is the group for you.
  • Playground Hop: Parents you know its playground time. The sun is hot and the kids have energy. Alison Wallenborn would love for you to join her in a tour of the different playgrounds Durham has to offer. Bring your kids and get to know other parents on Saturdays.
  • StoryChefs: Food knows no boundaries, and thanks to food imports, no cuisine is unachievable in our own kitchens. Carolyn Sealy wants to see what you got in the kitchen. Come try some new recipes and eat some good food. 
  • Reuse & Renew: Do you love Flee Markets? Have you ever been proud of the treasure you found at the Thrift Store? Now you can go treasure hunting with like-minded friends. Karen Smedley knows all the good places and wants you to join her. And even after all the fun shopping is done you ladies can hang out for a bite to eat afterwards.
  • Manley Man Movie Night: Calling all Dudes that want to watch things blow up on-screen. This group has stood the test of time and its back again to rock your socks off. Chris Norville would love for you to come and bring a friend. Great food with memorable movies and great friends.

2013-07-20 16.27.04Well there you go, the 2014 Summer Connection Groups. They start the week of May 26th and go through the first week of August. I promise you will not be disappointed in these groups. Each leader is putting full effort into making sure you get the most of each group. So go on, get connected today!

This Sunday May 18th we will have a Connection Group Fair immediately after the service. Great way to meet the new leaders and hear about these groups.


To sign up for any of these groups click CONNECTION GROUPS or got to http://www.storychurch.orf/connect



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