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Connecting With People

April 3, 2013

Everyone is better at certain things than others. Yet there are certain aspects of life that we all need to accomplish if we want to succeed. One of these aspects is connecting with people.Whether its interacting with the clerk at the grocery store or its apart of your normal job requirements. We all need to… Read More ›

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Dream Team Superstar (September)

September is the kick off to what I look at is the exclamation point of the year. January through March are setting the pace and goals for the year. Spring is where we usually are hitting our stride. Summer comes along and gives us a bit of a break. Fall is my favorite time of… Read More ›

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Dream Team Superstar (August)

Summer time is winding down and its back to school. It’s the time of the year, for most of us, to get back to reality. Back to the daily grind of life. All vacation time is used up and getting ready for the last quarter of the year. We spend more time together as families…. Read More ›

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Dream Team Superstar (July)

It’s the summer season. The time for vacations and getting away from the daily grind. The days are bright, hot and longer. It’s the time of year people get out and see the world. In summer time you hear the cheers of the local baseball team and music in the streets. The ice-cream truck plays… Read More ›

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Dream Team Superstar (June)

In the great city of Durham NC there is an amazing community of people who love and care for each other. These people are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone has what they need.  This community is called STORYCHURCH. At STORYCHURCH we want people to “Embrace the story they were meant to… Read More ›

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Dream Team Superstar (May)

Every month I like to acknowledge one of the amazing and dedicated volunteers at STORYCHURCH. Last month we looked at my dear friend Lee Whitbeck. I am really enjoying these Dream Team Superstar posts. The only problem is I have so many amazing people I want to thank each and every day. I am littered with… Read More ›

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